Settling Complaints

A: Customer Service, Joy speaking, may I help you?
B: Yes, I have a complaint to make.
A: Could you tell me what’s the matter?
B: I purchased a computer from your company last week. Unfortunately, I’m not satisfied with it. It has a lot of problems.
A: Would you like to detail the problems?
B: It goes wrong with my Internet connection. I have read the instructions that comes with the computer; but the troubleshooting section was no help. That causes a lot of trouble for me.
A: Take it easy. Is there any way you could bring it in to be checked? If not, our repairman can come to you.
B: OK, the latter will be more convenient for me.
A: OK, could you tell me where you are living?

A: Good morning, madam. I’m the manager of Heng Xin Electronics Corporation. I heard that you are not happy with our products.
B: Yes. The case is too serious to be overlooked; so I decided to come and have a face-to-face talk with you.
A: Just be patient, please. Any criticism on our products is sincerely invited. But how about sitting down and telling me the whole thing first?
B: I must express our disappointment with the quality of the laptops.
A: Quality? Our laptops have been strictly inspected; and we have sent you the samples.
B: They certainly to not match the samples you sent us.
A: Really? In that case, there must be some mistake. Take it easy. I’ll report to the senior and send some professional to check it for you.
B: OK. We’ll wait for you.