Expressing Attitude

A: This is my list of complaints I would appreciate it if you would look over them and solve the problems.
B: Certainly, sir. Thank you for coming directly to me. You can count on me to act on these.
A: Well, I’ve cooperated with your company for many years and I’ve generally been pleased. It’s just the last few months that I’ve had problems.
B: Well, I will definitely do what I can to solve these problems, and improve our service. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with us.
A: I also hope that we can continue to cooperate.

A: I’m sorry to inform you of this, but we found that there are some faulty materials in the consignment which you have recently shipped to us; And most of the goods were underweight.
B: That’s quite unusual for our company. Maybe there is something wrong.
A: This kind of thing can only happen if the exporting company did not do its job, or was trying to cheat us. I demand a full refund of the amount paid.
B: Please don’t be imprudent. We can find a better way to deal with it. You know that we always do a good job and we never try to cheat our clients. We’ll make a thorough investigation to find out where the responsibility lies.
A: How about our loss?
B: Before the investigation finishes, we can’t promise anything. But if it lies on us, we will compensate your loss according to the contract.