Explaining Cause

A: The October shipment of goods arrived in a worst state. 40% of the goods have become deteriorated. We have to lodge a claim against you for this accident.
B: I’m sorry to hear that, but please listen to our explanation.
A: OK.
B: You see, the damage may be caused by a variety of factors. Our goods are well examined before shipment. We hold the inspection certificate from our Commodity Inspection Bureau which states the consignment was up to the standard for export.
A: How do you explain these damages?
B: The accident bears many explanations, such as the rough handling during the course of transit or unloading, storage in the warehouse, etc.
A: If that’s really the case, whom do you think we must turn to for our claim?
B: The goods were bought on FOB basis. And it was you who booked the shipping space and had the goods insured. So we suggest you approach the shipping company or the insurance company for compensation.

A: Miss Alan, we have found out the reason for the accident after investigation.
B: So, can you tell me what exactly the matter is?
A: I was informed just now that someone in our company has made a mistake in filling your order. Therefore we sent the double amount of man’s shoe beyond expectation. I would apologize to your company on behalf of our company.
B: Can you do anything about the goods mistakenly shipped?
A: We’ll manage to send you the correct goods as quickly as possible. We’ll try our best to make sure that we ship the goods by the end of this month.