Apologizing and Compensating

A: We’d like to have you help straighten out the trouble concerning the goods.
B: OK, can you give me the facts?
A: We have here a copy of the inspection certificate issued by the Commodity Inspection Bureau and a set of photos. The inspection certificate states that the products were found damaged when they were unpacked and the photos taken on the spot back up the findings.
B: Is it due to dampness at sea?
A: Our experts are of the opinion that the damage is not due to the dampness but to poor workmanship. It’s obvious that the manufacturers didn’t strictly observe the proceeding requirements as stipulated in our contract.
B: I’m very sorry for this. I apologize for the mistake we made. It seems that manufacturers have not lived up to the standard in this case. We’ll compensate your loss and replace the defective products with new ones.
A: Thank you for sorting out the matter for us.
B: Thank you for your understanding. We assure you it won’t happen again.

A: Mr. Dyer, our investigation results tell us that the factory party is responsible for the cargo damage. We are so sorry for the inconvenience we brought to you in this matter.
B: In that case, now we can get down to talking about the compensation. We trust you can understand that we expect the compensation for our damaged goods.
A: Certainly. What’s your suggestion?
B: For our losses you should compensate us by 5%, plus the inspection fee. On the basis of the survey report, we register our claim with you for 30,000 dollars.
A: We should be responsible for that. But this is a big number, I have to report this back to the head office. Then we’ll inform you of the result. We’ll solve this as soon as possible and I hope this event won’t affect our relationship.
B: I hope so. We expect to cooperate with you further.