Protesting the Media

A: Excuse me, I demand to meet your editor in chief.
B: That’s me. What can I do for you?
A: I am Su Yu from Future Company. There was a news report about the quality of our products published in your newspaper last Friday. It is unreal, and we protest it.
B: Really? Could you provide some proofs?
A: Sure. Our products have been strictly inspected. And we have the quality report the Inspection Bureau produced.
B: If in that case, I’m sorry for our carelessness. What can we do to redeem your loss?
A: I demand a retraction and an apology in tomorrow’s newspaper.

A: Recently there is much adverse news against our company. So we are here to give this press conference to make a reaction in a sense of responsibility.
B: Recently you have marked the price down by 30%. Does that mean the reduction of the quality of products?
A: It’s not on the map. The reason is that the assets reorganization of company has brought about a reduction in the cost of production, so as to fetch down the price. On the contrary, the quality improves as we import advanced technology. This data may prove what I said.
B: It is said that your company is laying off people. May I doubt it’s due to a crisis in your finance?
A: It is unavoidable to terminate the contract ahead of time with the employees on the basis of the company strategic development. However, it doesn’t mean that we abandon them. In fact, we are organizing these employees to attend training with new skills for reemployment.