Releasing the Results Publicly

A: Thank you for attending this news press. We’ll communicate with you with the sincere and open attitude. We require your close cooperation to avoid adverse information and consensus.
B: Could you explain the reason for this drug intoxication affair about your product?
A: This is the first time we have experienced this kind of affair. We have established the crisis management team and appointed professionals to investigate this affair. I take this opportunity to pledge that we will find out the cause and give you a satisfied answer.
B: How do you plan to deal with these drugs?
A: We are retracting all the products on a nation wide scale, and informing the hospitals, clinics, drugstores and doctors to stop selling through various channels. Then we’ll cooperate with the investigation of Drug Administration actively to carry out a random inspection within five days and release the results to the public.

A: Nice to meet you, Mr. Guo. I’m the Public Relation Manager of Yangyu Company, and I’m sorry for bothering you for a few minutes.
B: OK, come in please. Have a seat.
A: I’d like to express our sincerely regret for the poisoning event, of which I know you are one of the victims.
B: Oh, that have been done, because this event has been solved quickly and relevant compensation has been issued.
A: It’s a good class for us, from which we knew the quality is the foundation. And after one year’s effort, advanced packing technology has been absorbed, and it is impossible for this kind of thing. So, we’d like to hold a press conference and our board chairman will preside the meeting and notary will participate to this meeting.
B: But what can I do?
A: We’d like you to participate as our eyewitness.