It was my fifty-fifth birthday today. Looking at the man laying lazily on the big, soft sofa, every hope of getting a decent present this year died away. I could never expect any surprise from this unromantic man who worked as a dentist in a clinic on the largest avenue of the city.

Busying myself with the household chores, before long, nightfall arrived. I knew that my husband would prepare the same tedious celebration for me, the same old fried duck would be staring at me from the table dressed up in black sauce, as usual, no surprises. This had become a yearly routine fro him. Trying to forget the hurt, I further drilled myself in the piles of office administration work, finding “comforts” in them while waiting for his call to the celebration.

Amazingly, his yearly eleven o’clock call did not reach my ears this time. Although feeling curious, I made no attempts to find out.

Suddenly, my world turned pitch dark halfway through my work. A familiar pair of enormous rough-skinned hands over my eyes. I was bewildered at the thought of my husband trying to be romantic.

Without a word, he led me out of my tiring, boring world into the warm, loving arm of his. He whispered instructions into my ears wanting me to feel the present he bought for me to celebrate my birthday.

Feelings of excitement, love and happiness rose up form the very core of my heart. Eagerly I lowered my hands into the box. My first touch with the cold solid sent a thrilling shock to my whole body, charging me with a new form of unexplainable energy. With my further anxious explorations, I came to find out that the mysterious gift turned out to take the form of a round object with a tiny little precise cut of an object sticking out of it.

My heart screamed with joy when I ran my fingers across this delicate object. Somehow or other, I knew that it was going to be a diamond ring. Finally, he acknowledged my desire. I had been hinting to him for the past thirty years, but each time he conveniently ignored my cues. By giving me this ring, he was trying to prove that he actually appreciated me and my efforts of bringing up his two sons.

I could not wait to show him my gratitude for his generosity.

At last, his hands deliberately inched away from my eyes. Slowly I opened my eyes, anticipating the look of my diamond ring.

My eyes flared opened to the size of saucers, when I saw a duplicate of the lost button to my favorite dress.