Releasing the Results Publicly

A: Thank you for attending this news press. We’ll communicate with you with the sincere and open attitude. We require your close cooperation to avoid adverse information and consensus.
B: Could you explain the reason for this drug intoxication affair about your product?
A: This is the first time we have experienced this kind of affair. We have established the crisis management team and appointed professionals to investigate this affair. I take this opportunity to pledge that we will find out the cause and give you a satisfied answer.
B: How do you plan to deal with these drugs?
A: We are retracting all the products on a nation wide scale, and informing the hospitals, clinics, drugstores and doctors to stop selling through various channels. Then we’ll cooperate with the investigation of Drug Administration actively to carry out a random inspection within five days and release the results to the public.

A: Nice to meet you, Mr. Guo. I’m the Public Relation Manager of Yangyu Company, and I’m sorry for bothering you for a few minutes.
B: OK, come in please. Have a seat.
A: I’d like to express our sincerely regret for the poisoning event, of which I know you are one of the victims.
B: Oh, that have been done, because this event has been solved quickly and relevant compensation has been issued.
A: It’s a good class for us, from which we knew the quality is the foundation. And after one year’s effort, advanced packing technology has been absorbed, and it is impossible for this kind of thing. So, we’d like to hold a press conference and our board chairman will preside the meeting and notary will participate to this meeting.
B: But what can I do?
A: We’d like you to participate as our eyewitness.

Protesting the Media

A: Excuse me, I demand to meet your editor in chief.
B: That’s me. What can I do for you?
A: I am Su Yu from Future Company. There was a news report about the quality of our products published in your newspaper last Friday. It is unreal, and we protest it.
B: Really? Could you provide some proofs?
A: Sure. Our products have been strictly inspected. And we have the quality report the Inspection Bureau produced.
B: If in that case, I’m sorry for our carelessness. What can we do to redeem your loss?
A: I demand a retraction and an apology in tomorrow’s newspaper.

A: Recently there is much adverse news against our company. So we are here to give this press conference to make a reaction in a sense of responsibility.
B: Recently you have marked the price down by 30%. Does that mean the reduction of the quality of products?
A: It’s not on the map. The reason is that the assets reorganization of company has brought about a reduction in the cost of production, so as to fetch down the price. On the contrary, the quality improves as we import advanced technology. This data may prove what I said.
B: It is said that your company is laying off people. May I doubt it’s due to a crisis in your finance?
A: It is unavoidable to terminate the contract ahead of time with the employees on the basis of the company strategic development. However, it doesn’t mean that we abandon them. In fact, we are organizing these employees to attend training with new skills for reemployment.

Apologizing and Compensating

A: We’d like to have you help straighten out the trouble concerning the goods.
B: OK, can you give me the facts?
A: We have here a copy of the inspection certificate issued by the Commodity Inspection Bureau and a set of photos. The inspection certificate states that the products were found damaged when they were unpacked and the photos taken on the spot back up the findings.
B: Is it due to dampness at sea?
A: Our experts are of the opinion that the damage is not due to the dampness but to poor workmanship. It’s obvious that the manufacturers didn’t strictly observe the proceeding requirements as stipulated in our contract.
B: I’m very sorry for this. I apologize for the mistake we made. It seems that manufacturers have not lived up to the standard in this case. We’ll compensate your loss and replace the defective products with new ones.
A: Thank you for sorting out the matter for us.
B: Thank you for your understanding. We assure you it won’t happen again.

A: Mr. Dyer, our investigation results tell us that the factory party is responsible for the cargo damage. We are so sorry for the inconvenience we brought to you in this matter.
B: In that case, now we can get down to talking about the compensation. We trust you can understand that we expect the compensation for our damaged goods.
A: Certainly. What’s your suggestion?
B: For our losses you should compensate us by 5%, plus the inspection fee. On the basis of the survey report, we register our claim with you for 30,000 dollars.
A: We should be responsible for that. But this is a big number, I have to report this back to the head office. Then we’ll inform you of the result. We’ll solve this as soon as possible and I hope this event won’t affect our relationship.
B: I hope so. We expect to cooperate with you further.

Explaining Cause

A: The October shipment of goods arrived in a worst state. 40% of the goods have become deteriorated. We have to lodge a claim against you for this accident.
B: I’m sorry to hear that, but please listen to our explanation.
A: OK.
B: You see, the damage may be caused by a variety of factors. Our goods are well examined before shipment. We hold the inspection certificate from our Commodity Inspection Bureau which states the consignment was up to the standard for export.
A: How do you explain these damages?
B: The accident bears many explanations, such as the rough handling during the course of transit or unloading, storage in the warehouse, etc.
A: If that’s really the case, whom do you think we must turn to for our claim?
B: The goods were bought on FOB basis. And it was you who booked the shipping space and had the goods insured. So we suggest you approach the shipping company or the insurance company for compensation.

A: Miss Alan, we have found out the reason for the accident after investigation.
B: So, can you tell me what exactly the matter is?
A: I was informed just now that someone in our company has made a mistake in filling your order. Therefore we sent the double amount of man’s shoe beyond expectation. I would apologize to your company on behalf of our company.
B: Can you do anything about the goods mistakenly shipped?
A: We’ll manage to send you the correct goods as quickly as possible. We’ll try our best to make sure that we ship the goods by the end of this month.

Expressing Attitude

A: This is my list of complaints I would appreciate it if you would look over them and solve the problems.
B: Certainly, sir. Thank you for coming directly to me. You can count on me to act on these.
A: Well, I’ve cooperated with your company for many years and I’ve generally been pleased. It’s just the last few months that I’ve had problems.
B: Well, I will definitely do what I can to solve these problems, and improve our service. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with us.
A: I also hope that we can continue to cooperate.

A: I’m sorry to inform you of this, but we found that there are some faulty materials in the consignment which you have recently shipped to us; And most of the goods were underweight.
B: That’s quite unusual for our company. Maybe there is something wrong.
A: This kind of thing can only happen if the exporting company did not do its job, or was trying to cheat us. I demand a full refund of the amount paid.
B: Please don’t be imprudent. We can find a better way to deal with it. You know that we always do a good job and we never try to cheat our clients. We’ll make a thorough investigation to find out where the responsibility lies.
A: How about our loss?
B: Before the investigation finishes, we can’t promise anything. But if it lies on us, we will compensate your loss according to the contract.

Settling Complaints

A: Customer Service, Joy speaking, may I help you?
B: Yes, I have a complaint to make.
A: Could you tell me what’s the matter?
B: I purchased a computer from your company last week. Unfortunately, I’m not satisfied with it. It has a lot of problems.
A: Would you like to detail the problems?
B: It goes wrong with my Internet connection. I have read the instructions that comes with the computer; but the troubleshooting section was no help. That causes a lot of trouble for me.
A: Take it easy. Is there any way you could bring it in to be checked? If not, our repairman can come to you.
B: OK, the latter will be more convenient for me.
A: OK, could you tell me where you are living?

A: Good morning, madam. I’m the manager of Heng Xin Electronics Corporation. I heard that you are not happy with our products.
B: Yes. The case is too serious to be overlooked; so I decided to come and have a face-to-face talk with you.
A: Just be patient, please. Any criticism on our products is sincerely invited. But how about sitting down and telling me the whole thing first?
B: I must express our disappointment with the quality of the laptops.
A: Quality? Our laptops have been strictly inspected; and we have sent you the samples.
B: They certainly to not match the samples you sent us.
A: Really? In that case, there must be some mistake. Take it easy. I’ll report to the senior and send some professional to check it for you.
B: OK. We’ll wait for you.

Interior Meeting

A: Miss Piao, I want to arrange a meeting of the management team next Wednesday. Can you draft a notice and make some preparations for the meeting?
B: Sure. Can you tell me what the purpose of the meeting is?
A: This meeting is to fix the details for the new product press. Basically we’ll get three issues to decide: firstly the date, secondly the location and finally the conference facilities.
B: I see.
A: The agenda should be prepared before the meeting; and then you should ensure that those entitled to be present are properly informed.
B: OK, how about the documents and the information?
A: All the necessary documents and the information relevant to the meeting should be available, preferably printed and distributed before the meeting.
B: OK, I hope you’ll check it over after I’ve finished the notice.

A: Good morning, let’s call the meeting to order. I’m Su Yu, the dean of the Secretary Department, I’m very glad to hold the meeting.
B: Good morning.
A: We’re here today to discuss the details about the new product press. Any questions?
B: No, go ahead please.
A: I’ve asked Miss Piao to lay out the main points of the agenda. Here’re the handouts.
B: Very good. We can know the process clearly.
A: Then let’s discuss about it, and finally invite the general manager to make a conclusion. Please join me in welcoming the general manager.
C: Good morning, everyone. Please speak plainly.
A: If nobody has anything to add, we can close the meeting.

Senior and Subordinate

A: Miss Li, it has been one month since you came here, what’s your feeling about our company?
B: The colleagues and the uppers are easy-going and we get along well.
A: Do you think what’s the difference between your present job and the former one?
B: What impresses me most here is that everyone is very industrious and friendly, responsible and enterprising.
A: Indeed, that’s why our company is developing fast.
B: Yes, I share the same feeling. That’s why I enjoy working here.
A: On the other hand, it’s only one month, but you are familiar with all the business in our company. Well done.
B: Thank you very much, Mr. Smith. I shall work harder.

A: Have you read my work plan about the new project, sir?
B: Yes, I read it yesterday.
A: Is it what you hoped?
B: Excellent!
A: I hope I’ve mentioned the key points and the possible solutions.
B: I think so. You seem to have covered all the major points. I’ve talked to the general manager about your suggestions. He is very satisfied. You will foot the bill. We’ve decided to have another meeting and you get ready to expound your ideas.
A: OK, I will.

Education in Work

A: Recently you’ve done a very good job.
B: Thank you, I’ll keep on. In fact, I still have much to learn.
A: That’s good. The company is discussing an agenda of developing aboard market. You’d better pay attention to the international trend from now on.
B: Yes, sir.
A: You need to improve your English. It’s important in our field.
B: I’ll keep it in my mind.

A: Excuse me, Mr. Smith, have you read the report I gave you? Would you give some directions about the plan of developing the new product in our firm?
B: I have talked over the plan with the assistant managers. In my opinion, developing the new product is potential and will produce great economic benefit. However, the management strategy and the fund accumulation are not very concrete. In addition, something should be done carefully about the market investigation and the sale forecasting.
A: I see. Thank you. Mr. Smith, we’ll correct and prefect the report according to your advice. By the way, Mr. Smith, I’d like to make a suggestion.
B: Please.
A: I have been thinking about this problem for a long time. You know the domestic market is saturated for our products. I’m wondering why not develop a foreign market.
B: I appreciate your talking to me. You know it’s a little difficult to open aboard market for us at this stage. But I’ll give some thought to it. You could collect the information about the development of the product in other companies abroad.
A: Yes.

Designating Work

A: Good morning, Miss Li. This is the first day for you to work here. I hope you’ll like this job.
B: Good morning, Miss Mary. This is the first time for me to do this kind of work. I’ve got a lot to learn from you.
A: Take it easy. I will give you a brief introduction to the office work. The main task is to handle routine business, such as arranging meetings, meeting visitors, seeing visitors off, assigning work, making plans, sorting out the data, collecting information, and so on. All these affairs are very important. I’m sure you’ll adapt quickly to the work here.
B: I hope so. By the way, Miss Mary, could you please tell me what the specific work is for me?
A: Sorry, I can’t tell you now. After you are familiar with all these jobs, we will discuss the problem.
B: That’s OK.
A: If you have something to say about your work while working, please come out. The people here are very kind.
B: All right, thank you.

A: Come here please, Lisa. I’d like to explain the filing system to you.
B: All right, I’m coming.
A: This is your filing cabinet and all the documents must be filed alphabetically.
B: Yes, I understand.
A: And this is a safe. The confidential files are kept in it. You’ll have the key to it. Please keep in mind that you must be very careful with it.
B: Yes, I will.
A: And one more thing, our boss makes a point of keeping everything in order. So you’d better be careful about this and don’t throw things about. Otherwise, he’ll be mad at you.
B: OK, I’ll bear that in mind. Thanks a lot for what you have told me.

Welcoming New Comer

A: Welcome to our company! You will be a big asset for our company.
B: Thank you. I have been looking forward to meeting you, Mr. Smith.
A: I would like you to call me George, would you? Everybody calls me George in this company. It makes me feel more comfortable.
B: OK, George. It is my first day at work, and I guess I am a little anxious.
A: Don’t worry. I will give you an orientation.
B: Thank you. I am looking forward to starting work and getting to know each of you.
A: No problem. Now, I will show you to your office and then introduce you to everybody.

A: Hello, everybody, may I have your attention, please? I would like to introduce a new colleague, Miss Li.
B: Good morning. My name is Li Shan. I was hired by the Personnel Department and told to report here to work as a secretary.
A: Miss Li graduated from a famous college and has worked for a few years, she is an experienced secretary. Let’s greet with warm applause.
P: Welcome to our group. We hope you will enjoy working here with us.
B: Thank you. I feel so happy to work here. I hope we’ll get along well.

Signing a Contract

A: This is the draft of the sales contract for the watches you are going to buy. Please go over it and see if everything is in order.

B: I have read the draft contract carefully. There is something I want to revise about Clause 8.
A: OK?
B: It’s concerning the payment. Your draft contract says that payment is to be made by D/P. We prefer to have the payment made by L/C through a negotiating bank in France.
A: We’ll take up the matter. OK?
B: OK. What’s the term of this contract?
A: This contract is valid for three years and would run for one year of the trial period. If everything is satisfactory, it could be renewed and extended two years. The contract will become void automatically, if both sides do not agree to renew it when time comes.
B: I understand. There is no question about that.

A: The contract contains basically all we have agreed upon during our negotiations. Anything else you want to bring up for discussion, Mr. Karl?
B: We don’t have any different opinions about the contractual obligations of both parties.
A: I hope this will lead to further business between us.
B: We also hope to further expanding our business with you.
A: Here are the two originals of the contract we prepared.
B: I am already to sign the agreement.
A: Let us sign the contract now. Please sign your name here.
B: I’m glad our negotiation has come to a successful conclusion.
A: We are sure both of us will have a brighter future.


A: Mr. Allen, we are willing to be your agent in Canada for air conditioners. What’s your opinion?
B: It coincides with our desire.
A: Then, what’s your usual commission rate for your agents?
B: Usually, we give a commission of 6% to our agents.
A: 6% is too low, I think. You see, we have a lot of work to do in promoting the sales, such as advertising on radio or TV, printing booklets, leaflets, catalogues and so on.
B: Don’t worry. We’ll allow you a higher commission rate if your sales score a substantial increase. If you sell 5 million worth of hand-tools annually, we can only allow 6% commission. If the annual turnover exceeds 8 million, you can get 8% commission. What do you think of that?
A: I sounds reasonable. Then how do you pay the commission?
B: We may deduct the commission from the invoice value directly or remit it to you after payment.
A: All right. If it is OK, we would like to sign an agency agreement with you immediately.

A: Thanks for coming. Perhaps you should start by telling us what we are looking for, OK?
B: Yes, what we are looking for mainly is an agent in China to represent us, who can help us with marketing, dealing with any queries from customers, taking customer orders and dealing with any problems.
A: Fine, I see no problem with that. We represent other companies in exactly the same way.
B: Well, I would like to know your market connections, the effectiveness of your sales organization and your technical ability to handle the goods to be marketed.
A: We have more than twenty sales representatives, who are on the road all year around, covering the whole country.
B: Do you have any middlemen or sell direct to the retailers?
A: Through years of effort, we have set up effective channels of distribution and we canvass the retailers directly without any middlemen.
B: To tell you the truth, you’re not the only one who applies for the agent for us in your country. Perhaps you would like to give us some ideas of the terms on which you would be willing to operate as our agent.
A: No problem, We can send you the details in written next week.
B: Very well then. We’ll make our decision and let you know it as soon as possible.

Delivery and Shipping

A: Let’s discuss the delivery date first. Are you able to deliver within one month after receipt of the order?
B: We guarantee delivery within two weeks of receipt of orders.
A: The time of delivery is very important to us. I hope there won’t be any delays.
B: We will make every effort to expedite shipment to meet your requirement in time.
A: I hope you can make prompt delivery. If the goods are not shipped within five weeks after receipt of the order, we’ll cancel the order, and we’ll ask you to pay us for the damage caused by the delay if there is any.
B: I’m sure that shipment will be effected according to the contract stipulation, because it’s also in our interest to have the shipment effected immediately.

A: Could you tell me how you ship the goods?
B: For such a big order, we propose to have the goods dispatched by sea. Transport by sea is the most important mode of transportation in the world today, and it’s usually cheaper than by railway.
A: How long does it usually take you to make delivery?
B: We’ve booked a direct steamer to sail to your port in the middle of next month.
A: In the middle of next month? A lead time of one month is too long for us. You know our order is such a large one that it will tie up our fund. Could you see your way to advance shipment?
B: It’s little difficult. You know getting the goods ready, making out the documents and booking the shipping space, all these take time.
A: I see, but next month is the selling season for this commodity. If we miss the season, it won’t bring profits.
B: Hmm, let me have a think. To make it easier for us to get the goods ready for shipment and to meet your urgent need, maybe the partial shipment will be allowed. We will ship half of your order at the end of this month, what do you think?
A: That’s workable. Thank you.

Placing an Order

A: Mr. Su, I’m interested in your products. I’ve looked at your units, and I am very happy with them.
B: I can promise you that, if you buy our products, you will be getting quality.
A: Do you have anything like this in stock?
B: Yes, we have plenty on hand right now. We can supply it right away.
A: What’s the minimum quantity of an order for your goods?
B: Our minimum quantity of an order for this product is 500 pieces.
A: We decide to place a trial order with you. We’ll order 1,000 suits.
B: That’s a good to hear! I’ll have some quotes ready for you by tomorrow morning. We would like to grant an accurate order by adding the sizes on the enclosed form.
A: OK, we will send you an official order in the very near future. We want to ask you to hurry on the execution of the order.
B: I don’t think that will be a problem. Once we get your purchase order, we’ll begin preparing the goods.

A: Mr. Su, we take pleasure in placing an order for you with the following items. We want to order C-30 and G-13 series of this equipment, each for 2,000 units.
B: Mr. Karl, the former series are in stock while the stocks of the latter have been sold out.
A: Could you deliver the latter at the end of this month?
B: I’ll have to check and make sure. You know we have many back orders.
A: Can you recommend other similar ones?
B: Another make G-20 that you saw yesterday is in stock. It is similar in design and quality to G-13, and the price is also the same.
A: Thank you. Well, I’ll take your advice and order C-30 and G-20 for 2,000 each. I’ll fill in my order form.
B: Thank you for your initial order and I expect to have your further orders.
A: We will submit further orders if this one is completed to our satisfaction.

Terms of Payment

A: What is your regular practice about the terms of payments?
B: We usually accept payment by irrevocable L/C against shipping documents.
A: I’m sorry you insist on payment by L/C. Could you make an exception and accept D/P or D/A?
B: Sorry, but that is out of the question. Payment by L/C is our usual practice of doing business with all customers for such commodities, especially with our new customers. Maybe as the business increases, we will accept D/P terms. But now, we can only accept L/C terms.
A: If that is the case, I will have no choice but to open a L/C for you.
B: The L/C should be opened by the purchaser 15 to 30 days ahead of delivery.
A: Can we pay for my imports in RMB?
B: We would prefer you to pay for your imports in USD.

A: I’m glad we’ll conclude the first transaction soon. Now, let’s talk about the terms of payment.
B: As you’ve seen from specimen contract, we require payment by confirmed, irrevocable L/C payable against shipping documents.
A: I see, but it will increase our expenses to open the L/C and tie up our funds. As an old client of yours, I think we should enjoy your special treatment. I hope you would allow us to pay by D/A or D/P.
B: I’m afraid not, it’s our usual practice to accept payment by L/C only.
A: On the condition of the period when the world market is inactive, I feel that to pay by L/C is not reasonable. In order to conclude the transaction, we both need to make some concessions. How about 50% by L/C, 50% by D/P?
B: Since you are our old customer and your order is quite large, how about 70% by L/C, 30% by D/P? This is not our normal practice. If you agree, we can make the deal. If not, I can’t do anything else.
A: All right, I agree.

Package Aspect

A: Now, shall we talk about the problem on packing, Mr. Su?
B: OK. I wonder if you have any special requirements concerning the packing of the goods you ordered.
A: We hope the packing will be more attractive. You know buyers always pay great attention to packing. The attractive wrapper should help greatly push the goods.
B: I agree with you. Proper packaging is as important as the quality of the product itself. This is the sample of packing, would you like to have a look?
A: Sure, The packing is beautiful and quite well-done. Then, what about the inner package?
B: For the inner packing, we use boxes with designs of the article itself. So when the customers see a box, he will have a clear view of the graceful shape and the color of the article inside the box.
A: That’s good.

A: Could you tell me what kind of packing you plan to use for this consignment of goods?
B: Certainly. We use cartons to wrap and have lined them with plastic sheets from inside. Each item is individually packed in polyethylene. Every two dozens are packed in paper carton.
A: That sounds good. I guess I can rest assured.
B: You can say that. We have always paid particular attention to the safety of packing, we’re got to be extra careful. We don’t want to cause a lot of inconvenience to our customers.
A: I appreciate that. But there is still one last thing I’d like to mention here. Because the goods will be transshipped, I hope each case will be marked with details of weights, symbols of warnings and directions, as well as your own marks.
B: Sure, no problem. Actually, they are not only shock-proof but also damp-proof. We have written on the case warnings like “Use No Hook”, “Keep Dry” and “Do Not Drop”. We hope this has made you double assured.
A: Yes, I think so.

Price Negotiation

A: It’s nice to see you, Mr. Karl.
B: Nice to see you, too, Mr. Su.
A: So shall we get down to business? If you don’t mind, can I get a list of prices from you?
B: Certainly. This is our catalogue and price list.
A: Thank you. Do you quote FOB or CIF?
B: We usually quote on FOB basis.
A: I’m surprised that your price is 20% higher compared to last year! May I ask what caused the increase?
B: The cost of the production has gone up. We have to adjust the selling price accordingly. As a matter of fact, this price is very reasonable.
A: But as far as I know, the use of new materials could reduce unit cost by 10%.
B: That’s true. But you can’t have the same quality.
A: Is it possible that you lower the price a little? Say $10 per piece.
B: Well, I have to think about it and discuss with my senior, I’ll give you a reply 30 minutes from now.
A: Take your time, please.

A: Now what’ the price? That interests me most.
B: The price is $370 per unit.
A: I must point that the price is too high for me to accept. Some firms we connected with offered the same at much lower prices.
B: Price can’t be taken separately from quality. There are certainly cheaper ones on the market. A comparison of the quality of our products with that of rival goods will show you that ours is far superior.
A: It is true that yours are of better quality. That’s why I am still interested in your product. But all users want both quality and price. Products of the same model sold by other companies are usually about $310-350.
B: That’s true, but if you understand that quality is the most important aspect of a product, you’ll agree that $370 is not high, especially when we allow you a 10% discount.
A: I see your point. That’s to say $333 each set. Still it’s a little higher than the average market price. Could you see a way to reduce the price, Mr. Karl?
B: Well, considering the quantity of your order and the long-term cooperation, we could further reduce the price to $320. That’s the utmost we can do. What do you think of that?
A: All right. We accept it.
B: Very well. Thank you.

Superiority of Products

A: Nice to meet you, Mr. Su.
B: Nice to meet you, too. Mr. Karl.
A: I come here today to inquire about the possibility of promoting your products export to USA. Could you introduce your product to me?
B: To improve the working efficiency and lessen the intensity of labor, we have improved our design to conform to the world market. This is our most recently developed product.
A: Would you tell me how your product is better than the competitor’s?
B: Reliability is our strong point. Our product is highly accurate, it’s fully automatic, it has features of high power-saving and safety. What’s more, if you use this machine, it not only saves time but your productivity will increase by 20 percent. I believe you will get your money’s worth in two years.
A: Sounds impressive, how about its quality?
B: Management and quality control of this product conform to the ISO9000, so I guarantee its quality. If you don’t mind, I’ll give you a production demonstration.
A: It is great. Thank you for your introduction.

A: Good morning, Mr. Karl. I’m glad to have the opportunity to recommend to you our goods of this year. Here is a catalogue and a price list.
B: Is there any superiority of your products?
A: Yes, compared with competing products, ours is smaller and lighter, yet it is most advanced, reliable and user-friendly.
B: What about other selling points?
A: It’s excellent for its handiness, elegance and beauty, teenagers would like it.
B: Sounds impressive. How many different models do you offer?
A: Our new products are available in various models and sizes. Please have a look at the catalogue, which shows most of our products. We will not only supply you with the highest quality goods but also provide a good after-sale service. And if you find the quality of our products unsatisfactory, we’re prepared to accept return of the rejected material within a week.
B: That’s impressive. Thank you for your introduction.

Market Research

A: Hello, I am the manager from the Planning Department of Nan Shi Enterprise. This time I come here to invite you to make a market research. It is said that you are professional in that.
B: Glad to hear that. Could you tell me the purpose of this research?
A: Our company intends to push a new product to the market, we would like to know the customers’ desire.
B: The pre-production research should be stressed. It is crucial to find out the consumers’ potential necessity.
A: What kind of forms do you usually take?
B: It depends. Generally, we would like to make use of questionnaires, telephone interview and face-to-face interview.
A: OK, this is a copy of material about our company and the new product. I wish you can compose a research plan according to this. Our company attaches importance to this project. Please do it perfectly.
B: You can trust us. We’ll put all of efforts to make it a success.

A: Good morning, sir. I am from Haitian Shanghai Branch. Here’s my card. We are conducting a market survey. We want to know that how many people use our products and how many do not. We also want to know the reasons why they do or do not use our products and the suggestions. The information is used to plan the marketing strategy and remodel the brand.
B: Well, you may come in and be seated please.
A: Thank you.
B: As for the first question, I am afraid I cannot give you a concrete data. But as far as the second question is concerned, I think your price is much higher than those of other competitors.
A: Actually, our product is of superior quality; and we are offering some discounts to a few old models.
B: Yes, I agree that your quality is quite good, but I do not think the price is very reasonable. The potential customers you focus on are mainly people with high salaries. And frankly, your products are out of date in some respects such as the designing and the product configuration.
A: I see. I have written down your opinion and I will report to my company. Thank you for your time and advice. This is the gift we provide every interviewee with, hope you appreciate it.