Committee Activity

A: Excuse me, I am from Mei Tian Firm. We intend to hire your venue next month.
B: Will you tell me what you will do?
A: Sure. We want to hold a community activity, I don’t know what’s funny here, could you introduce for me?
B: There are board games and table tennis which fit for the elder, the basketball room for the youth and the children play center. What’s more, there is a tea shop. You can have a rest and watch some Chinese and foreign films.
A: That’s good. Please help me arrange the time for us and connect me. Thank you.

A: Good morning, are you the chief of the Xi He street committees?
B: Yes, what can I do for you?
A: I’m the vice minister from the Public Relations of Dong Sheng Firm, Zhou Yang. On the tenth anniversary of our company foundation, we intend to develop a fitness program with your committee and invite the people in your community to join in the activities with our employees.
B: That sounds interesting. Please tell us your ideas.
A: Our initial plan is to set up some collective events combined with entertainment and competition, such as tug of war, relay race. It is sure to include some individual events. Our company offers the prizes for the winners.
B: That’s OK. But what can we do?
A: We hope that you can offer the activity ground and mobilize the inhabitants to participate actively.

Sponsored Program

A: Excuse me? Are you Mr. James, the manager of the Nine Sky Cultural Limited Company?
B: Yes, what can I do for you?
A: Nice to meet you. I am Cai Cheng from Jiang yun University. This is my relevant certificate. We’ll launch a series of cultural activities. I come here to solicit a sponsorship.
B: Could you explain the reason why you choose our company to be your sponsor briefly?
A: Because the theme of the cultural activities is in accordance with your market orientation; the spirit conforms to the healthy and upward philosophy you always advocate. In addition, the participants and the audiences are your existing and potential customers.
B: What do we get in return?
A: If we can get your sponsor, the promotion flyers, the banner, the display board and the assembly room will be printed with your logo, it is equivalent to a kind of soft advertisement. We’ll invite one representation as our spokesman and award the prizes.
B: That sounds good. Do you have the written material?
A: Yes, here is the sponsored plan. I hope you can have a look at this given your busy schedule. I believe there is something which can promote the cooperation. Thank you.
B: OK, I’ll study this plan and connect you.

A: Hello, this is Chun Yi Hope Primary School.
B: Hello, this is Champion Sporting Equipment Company. We heard that you are planning to build a new gymnasium for the pupils. Our company is willing to provide the sporting equipments you need for free.
A: Really? It’s so nice of you.
B: You are welcome. We also hope to devote our power to the physical education.
A: I know that the products of your company are of high quality. Your good will not only ease our financial burden but also provide a safe exercising environment for the students. Please accept my sincere gratitude.
B: It’s nothing. How about making an appointment to deliberate over the details?
A: That’s OK.


A: We’re interested in developing new market. Would you give us some expert opinions about marketing our products in aboard market?
B: Well, there are a lot of ways to push sales aboard, such as in the U.S.,for example, try to make you known by TV ads.
A: I admit that it will leave a deep impression on the audiences’ mind, but it’s too expensive to make TV commercials.
B: TV commercials are fascinating and attractive. The repetition of commercials will help make our products well-known and build strong brand positions, in a new market, such expenses are absolutely necessary.
A: Now, how to?
B: In order to guide your advertising campaigns to success, we should work out a careful plan.
A: Could you put it in detail now?
B: The first thing is what media we should choose and when we should place advertising in the media. We want to use the right media mixture to reach our target market. Very often in a campaign, two or more media are used together. The purpose of our advertising is to draw customer’s interests and keep hold of their attention, so that they may do something in return.
A: Well, it’s worth doing so long as the result is satisfactory. But when shall we take this advertisement?
B: First we’ll do some market research, after that we can give you an advertisement plan.

A: I’m so happy to tell you that the initial results are excellent. We’re getting a lot of orders these days!
B: So our advertisements have been successful. I’m glad to hear that. It seems that we’ve established brand awareness among our target audience at some level.
A: Thank you. So I think I’ll keep on running a good advertising campaign.
B: Yes, indeed.
A: Shall we make a plan for the next period now?
B: Yes, we can use a variety of media for full coverage, for example, TV and magazine advertisement. And we can investigate the advertisement, remember to keep good records of where you are getting orders from, so we can know which advertisements are the most effective.
A: Good point. Please prepare a more detailed proposal, and then I’ll pitch it to the higher-ups.

Products Promotion

A: Warm welcome, madam.
B: Hello.
A: At present, it’s the promotion period of our latest products. If you are interested in them, please take a look.
B: I am interested in the high-tech products of your company.
A: Please allow me to demonstrate with you this machine.
B: What are the characteristics of them compared with the previous ones?
A: We have improved some of the functions with the access to the convenience in management and operation.
B: May I operate it for a while?
A: Sure. Could you please leave your contact numbers so that we can provide you with the latest information in time?
B: I really appreciate that.
A: At the same time, you are welcome to browse the website of our company. Here’s our working name card. You may contact our staff anytime.
B: Fine.
A: Thank you for your visit and have a nice day.

A: Excuse me, would you spare me a few minutes?
B: Well, what’s the matter?
A: I’m the salesman from Longman. Would you like to take a look at our company’s new model of MP3?
B: Is there anything special?
A: Yes, the main advantages of this new model lie in its compact size, high digital storage and great durability. It has storage of 2G and can be used as a flash disk.
B: I’d like one to listen to music when I am jogging. Can this one endure vibration?
A: In your case, I recommend you to have a look at this model. It is specially designed for people loving sports.
B: Really? Well, let me see it.

Attending Exhibits

A: It’s my first visit to the Fair. I’m afraid I don’t know the ABC of things here.
B: Don’t worry about that. If anything confuses you, just tell me. I’ll try my best to make it clear to you.
A: Thank you very much.
B: Will you first go through the products halls?
A: That’s OK. … Wow, I am surprised to find a wide variety of articles. I should say some of them could be a ready market in my country.
B: Very glad to hear that.
A: You see, the purpose of my participation in the Fair is to explore the possibility of the establishing trade relations with your corporation. I would appreciate it, if you could introduce me to some goods.
B: Certainly, that’s part of my job.

A: How do you do? What can I do for you?
B: How do you do? I’m the managing director of TBC Company. I’ve walked around the fair and I’m attracted by your display. You see, my company is building a new office block and I’m interested in obtaining a quotation of furnishing these new offices. Could you let me have some more information on your product lines?
A: Pleased to be of any help to you. Our company specializes in making better quality office furniture and equipment. We also undertake from abroad decoration projects such as installing carpets, electrical equipment, lamp-wares, wall covering, sanitary, etc.
B: Thank you for your information. Could you give me some materials about your corporation?
A: Of course. Here you are. From these publicity brochures, you can get a general idea of our business activities. What’s more, this is our price list; it contains a wide range of price. After you make a decision and let us have your specific inquiries, we’ll make you the offer.
B: OK, then I’ll come over to have another talk with you.
A: You’re always welcome and we assure you of our best service.


A: Hello, this is the journal from Weekend Forum. I read several reports concerning the creative idea of your company management recently. I am very interested so that I wonder if I can interview the person in charge on the phone.
B: Thank you for your attention, but I’m sorry that we don’t accept temporary on-line interview commonly. If you want to gather materials, please offer a copy of written interview outline. We’ll give you a reply after we render to the upper.
A: What precise are your requirements about the outline?
B: You’d better lay out the theme, specific questions, the interview time, form of the interview and your name and background time, etc.
A: I see. I’ll compose it as quickly as possible.
B: Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We’ll call back within the next few days.

A: Good afternoon, thank you for accepting our interview.
B: Good afternoon, I’m glad to share my feelings with you.
A: The Lenovo merger with IBM has just been approved. Does this have a huge impact on your company?
B: Actually, I must admit that it really gives Lenovo a huge competitive advantage. However, I have no concern on this; we have our own superiority.
A: Would you like to give a brief introduction of your recent strategic goal? I think this interests many people.
B: We are considering of a new potential acquisition, but the agenda has not yet been drawn up.
A: Can you give some suggestions to the young generation who are struggling to establish a business?
B: Never give up, abandoning is the biggest failure. Don’t mind what others think . You must be clear what’s your dream and what you really want. Today is cruel, but tomorrow is hopeful.

Communicating after the Press

A: Thank you for your attending, you were hard.
B: You are welcome. This conference is very good. It’s large in the scale and abound in the news value. We believe that the reflection will be overwhelmed when the new product comes into the market.
A: Thank you. It also depends on your support with kind effort. In addition, we arrange a visit acting in coordination with theme of this conference. We hope it could supply an opportunity to on-the-spot investigation, interview and taking photos so that you can get a perceptual knowledge.
B: It is thoughtful of you.
A: Our employee will sort out all the materials about the news conference, and we’ll email that to you.

A: Mr. Zhang, how’s your feeling?
B: Very good. It went through the roof. Your new product is distinctive. I believe it will be a trend in the future.
A: That’s what we expect. Our manager appreciated that you have asked several good questions, which attracted everybody to the key point.
B: That’s because your spokesman is well-trained. By the way, the enterprise philosophy you disclosed in the conference interested me very much, it’s innovative and full of humanity. Maybe we can plan an in-depth reporting on the point? What’s your opinion?
A: Wonderful. We’re so happy to have such an opportunity to advocate our concept. I’ll discuss with the manager and arrange the time for the interview.

Question & Answer

A: It is with great pleasure that I am here to attend this press release and present my views on issues of your interest.
B: Good afternoon, Miss Li. I heard that your company is ranked first in your field. Would you please tell me your key to success?
A: Good afternoon, as for the question, I think advanced management and scientific decision-making is the answer.
B: Could you be more specific about that?
A: On the one hand, we acquired new concepts and raised the level of management. On the other hand, we raised the efficiency of decision-making, chose the right product for the right market, and entered the market at the right moment.
B: What did you do to stimulate sales? Advertising?
A: Advertising is of course one of the ways to make products known to the customers. What’s more important is to offer buyers a product at a cheap price. If you have no more questions, I announced this press release is over. Thank you for your participation.

A: I’ll open the floor to answer any questions you might have.
B: My name is Wang Ping from China Daily, would you please briefly explain the details about your latest product?
A: After months of work, we’ve successfully developed a product with a competitive advantage. We have made several improvements, one of the real pluses of this product is that it is of very high quality and of compact size.
B: Do you plan to branch out overseas?
A: Yes, we are interested in developing market aboard.
B: Which company you will choose to be the partner? It is said that World Corporation will be the first choice.
A: I’m sorry, but I’m not authorized to give out that information at this stage.

Entertaining Journalists

A: Mr. Smith, welcome to this exhibition.
B: Miss Su, how do you do? There are a number of people here.
A: Yes, because it’s a very large scale of commercial activity and the executive leaders of the major companies attach great importance to it.
B: I can see that. The facility and design of the exhibition are great. You have done a very good job.
A: We hope this exhibition can offer a comfortable environment to our guests. Mr. Smith, how about having a rest at the restroom first? This way, please.
B: Thank you.

A: Excuse me, are you Miss Su?
B: Yes, I am.
A: I’m the correspondent from the Business Journal, Chen Li. Mr. Brown arranges me to make a report.
B: Nice to meet you. Mr. Brown has told me through the phone. Welcome.
A: Thank you. Nice to meet you, too.
B: Mr. Brown told me that you are experienced in making such reports. I expect your article.
A: You are exaggerating. A good news lies on the good resources. I also look forward to the performance of your new product.
B: I’m sure you’ll see. If you need more information you can ask me.


A: Hello, Business Newspaper.
B: Hello, is that the editor, Mr. White?
A: Yes, please.
B: Mr. White, this is Su Yu from the Daily Life Company. There will be an exhibition on the 16th, I’m calling to invite you to visit it and report it.
A: What’s the theme of this event?
B: It’s about the new high-technology products produced by the major companies.
A: Could you tell me the specific names of the companies and the features of the exhibition.
B: How about sending a document to you to know the details?
A: That’s OK. I’ll call you after we make a plan.

A: Hello, Mr. Brown, this is Su Yu speaking.
B: Hello, Miss Su.
A: Mr. Brown, We’ll arrange a news conference at 3:00 pm next Tuesday to introduce our latest product. We intend to invite some media to make reports. It means a lot to us. We hope to hold it with effect.
B: In that case, you’d better provide detailed materials so that we an schedule a plan.
A: That’s OK.
B: I’ll arrange a senior journalist to the conference. He is experienced in making new product report.
A: That’s very kind of you. Thank you very much. I’ll send an Invitation Card to you.

Seeing Off

A: Is there anything I can do for you before you depart?
B: No, thanks. Everything has been prepared. Thank you for all the trouble you have taken. You and the others have been very considerate and helpful.
A: We’ve just done what we should do. When will you set out to the airport tomorrow?
B: My plane is going to take off at 11:30 tomorrow morning.
A: I’ll drive a car to pick you up at 8:00 tomorrow morning, is that all right?
B: OK, thank you very much.

A: OK, Mr. Su. Thank you very much for coming to the airport to see me off.
B: How time flies! I feel you have just come.
A: Yes, I have a very pleasant visit to Beijing. Your hospitality has left a very deep impression on me and your working attitude and your way of doing business have changed my opinions to Chinese people.
B You’re welcome, I’d be glad to. Your visit helps promote the friendship and understanding between us. We are sorry to see you go. You’ll come here again, I hope.
A: I will. I believe there will be more connection between us. Oh, it’s time to board the plane.
B: We must say goodbye. Please take care on your way back. We hope your next visit to China.
A: Thank you.

Gifting Guests

A: Mr. Karl, I heard that you like traditional Chinese culture. Before you leave, I’d like to present you with this mural painting. Please accept it as a souvenir of China.
B: Oh, it’s so considerate of you, it’s so marvelous! Thank you very much.
A: I am so glad you like it.
B: It means a lot to me. I’ll keep it carefully to be a token of our friendship.

A: Mr. Karl, I heard you will go back to America.
B: Yes, thank you for you consideration. And thanks for your accompanying these days.
A: You are welcome. This is the gift for you from our general manager Mr. Brandy, please take it.
B: Oh, it’s so kind of you. May I open it now?
A: Please.
B: What a nice bracelet!
A: It’s great that you like it.
B: Then I’ll take it, thanks a lot.


A: Mr. Karl, before you leave for America, you still have two days to spare here. Do you have any plans?
B: Oh, yes, I’ve been looking forward to visiting the historic sites in Beijing for a long time.
A: That’s a good idea, there are many places worth visiting in Beijing. If you don’t mind, I could show you some of the sights. Where would you like to go?
B: The Great Wall and the Forbidden City will be my first choice. Hmm, do you have any suggestion? After all, you are familiar with Beijing.
A: Fragrant Hill is famous for its red leaves. Now it’s November. This is the right place to come at this time of the year.
B: Really? Sounds wonderful. What time shall we start?
A: How about leaving at 8:30 tomorrow morning from the hotel. It would take a certain time to get to the Great Wall.
B: OK, I hope that won’t trouble you much.
A: With the greatest pleasure to accompany you. Have a good rest. I’ll pick you up tomorrow.

A: What a beautiful site! Surrounded by mountains, there are nice buildings over there which look old. When were they built?
B: They were built at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, which is in the early years of the fifteenth century.
A: But it’s still in excellent condition, considering that it was built almost 600 years ago. Could I take a few pictures of it? I’m very much interested in picture collecting. I want to keep some pictures of ancient Chinese buildings.
B: Of course, you are welcome to do so. This is a typical Chinese garden, with its arbours, pavilions ancient cypresses and pines, rare flowers, rocks of strange shape and rockeries.
A: Quite charming and peaceful. I can imagine how lovely the place must be with all the chrysanthemums in full bloom. How eager I am to come here again to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Exchange Activity

A: Good evening, Mr. Karl.
B: Good evening, Miss Bai. Please come in.
A: Thank you. Mr. Karl, tomorrow is the weekend, there will be a dance party. Would you like to join us?
B: Thank you, I’d like to. But I am a poor dancer, I think it’s a good chance for me to learn from you.
A: You must be kidding. I heard you are skilled in dancing. I just look forward to your perfect performance.
B: You flatter me. When will it start?
A: At 7:00 in the evening. This is your Dance Invitation. At 7:00 in the evening, go to the dance hall. Good bye and see you tomorrow evening.
B: OK, see you tomorrow evening at the dance party.

A: Miss Bai, now the music is going on, will you accept my arm?
B: With pleasure. Mr. Karl, I suppose you dance often.
A: I have not danced for a long time.
B: Really? Still you dance wonderfully.
A: I am glad you say so. You dance well, too. … Are you tired?
B: I’m OK, but I feel a little thirsty.
A: Let’s have a rest and get some drinks.
B: OK.

Proposing a Toast

A: Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our party. It is my great pleasure to host this Luncheon in our guests’ honor. Let me propose a toast to our guest! To your health and success in your work.
B: Thank you very much. Cheers!
A: I’d also like to propose a toast to the health of our friends here. Cheers!
C: Cheers! Thank you.
B: Thank you for your hospitality. I look forward to sharing experience and exchanging views with my Chinese colleagues in the coming days.

A: Beloved ladies, gentlemen and friends, friends, first of all, let me be on behalf of our company to extend a warm welcome to the members of the American Delegation who have been invited to this country by this company.
B: Thank you. It is a special honor to me to have a chance to speak on behalf of all the members of our delegation. I would like to express our sincere thanks to president Gao for inviting us, and for all the hard work and thought you have given to the arrangements for our visit. We are so thankful for such a marvelous dinner tonight.
A: We really appreciate Mr. Smith’s effort in coming to Shanghai to talk about the feasibility of a joint venture. We look forward to the success of our mutual collaboration.
B: Well begun is half done, as we say. I hope this visit will pave for further business relations between our two companies.
A: Now, please join me in toasting to the health of Mr. Smith, to everybody else present, to the success of our relationship. Cheers!

Entertaining Customers

A: Mr. Karl, do you have any plans for tomorrow evening?
B: No, I have nothing planned.
A: If it’s convenient for you, I’d like to invite you to a dinner party at the restaurant of the Nan Jiang Hotel. We hope you’ll be able to attend.
B: It’s very kind of you. Thank you for your invitation. When will the dinner begin?
A: The reception will be held at 7:00 p.m. This is your invitation card, Mr. Karl.
B: Thank you. I’ll be delighted to come on time.
A: We sincerely hope you can attend. I’ll pick you up at 6:00 p.m.
B: Thank you. See you tomorrow evening.

A: We’re so happy you’re here today, Mr. Karl.
B: Thank you very much for preparing such a splendid dinner especially for me.
A: It’s our honor to have you come. Dinner is ready, please go to the table.
B: I really do not deserve your kindness. Maybe we could have more talks about the business. When will I hear from you on this?
A: I think I will know something in a day or two.
B: I’m looking forward to this. Hmm, the food is really good here.
A: I’m glad you like it. Thank you for your helping us with marketing development.
B: My pleasure. I hope we could hammer out a deal.

Visiting a Factory

A: Hi, Mr. Karl, welcome to the May Trading Company. How’s everything?
B: Fine. What’s new about you, Mr. Su?
A: Nothing special. Mr. Karl, I’ll show you around the company today. This is the visiting brochure.
B: Where shall we go first?
A: Maybe we could start with the Designing Department, then we could look at the production line. I suggest we start at the beginning of our production line, so you can get a good idea of how things work. After that, I’ll take you to our showroom to explain all the exhibits there.
B: That’s terrific.
A: You’ll have to wear this hard hat during the tour for security.
B: That’s very thoughtful of you.
A: Shall we start on our tour right now? Please come this way.

A: Mr. Karl, on behalf of all our employees, welcome to our company.
B: Thank you. I hope my visit doesn’t cause you too much trouble.
A: Of course not. You’re our expected guest. Which department would you like to visit first?
B: Would it be possible to have a closer look at your Designing Department?
A: OK. This way, please. I’ll show you around the department and explain all the procedures here.
B: Now I know how you did such imaginative designing. Your Designing Department deserves the reputation it enjoys!
A: Thank you. But we still have a long way to go.
B: You are too humble. By the way, may I look at your production line? What kind of quality control do you have?
A: OK, this way please. Mr. Karl, just as you see, all the products need to pass strict inspection before they go out. How about a coffee break?
B: OK, I feel a little tired.

Company Profile

A: Can you tell me something about your company?
B: Yes. Our company was set up in 1983 with a capital of 1 million yuan. It’s now one of the biggest domestic trading companies, and we have offices in every major city. The annual output value reached 200 million yuan last year.
A: Great. How many emplayees do you have?
B: There are about 1,500 in the factory and 300 in the office.
A: What is you market share?
B: We now have 30% of the market. We will get more next year as our new production line is put into operation.
A: I heard that you are expanding your plant.
B: Yes, that will help to develop and speed things up.

A: Mr. Karl, let me introduce our company to you.
B: Oh, thank you, that’s what I am interested in.
A: Our three guiding principles are “customer satisfaction, individual’s dignity and shareholders’ value.”
B: They are indeed important.
A: We pay attention to the training of the employees. Our corporate culture and spirit is the most important.
B: Yes, only when they really grasp the essence of the corporate culture and spirit can the new staff fit into the company and do their jobs well.
A: We also emphasize their expertise and practical skills training. In addition, we have made investment to build the “Experience Service Center”. It is an important bridge between our company and our consumers.
B: That’s interesting. Can you detail it?
A: Before answering this question, I’d like to show you a 20-minute film about this. I think it will be useful for me to give you a more clear explanation.

Accommodation and Arrangement

A: Here we are at the hotel you’re going to stay, Mr. Karl.
B: It looks very beautiful.
A: It’s one of the best hotels in Beijing. This hotel has very good service. You may use the fitting room, swimming pool, sauna, and the massage parlor in this hotel.
B: Sounds nice, thank you very much.
A: This is your room, How do you like this suit?
B: It’s very good, I’m satisfied with everything.
A: I’m glad you like it. You’ll certainly need a good rest after such a long flight. I’ve arranged your schedule. I hope it’s suitable.
B: No problem. Thank you very much for all the considerate arrangements made for me.

A: Here we are, Mr. Karl. Let me help you with the formalities at the front desk.
B: It’s very nice of you.
A: Mr. Karl, We have a tight schedule for your short stay. I hope you don’t mind.
B: It doesn’t matter.
A: I’ll take you to our head office tomorrow. What time shall I come for you?
B: May be 7:30 a.m. is OK.
A: I’ll be there on time. Please wait in the lobby.
B: OK.
A: Perhaps I should let you rest now. This is my card with my phone number. Please call me if you need anything. Have a good rest.
B: Thank you. See you tomorrow.

Talking on the Way

A: Get on, please. Mr. Karl.
B: Thank you.
A: Is this your first trip to Beijing?
B: Yes, it’s a long-expected visit. Everything I see here is so striking and fresh.
A: Beijing is very good city, we’ll arrange a series of visiting of visiting for you after the negotiation, I hope you enjoy your stay.
B: I believe I will. How far is it to the hotel?
A: About a forty-minute ride. You might as well take a brief look at the outskirts and the city proper along the way.
B: Look, how many newly-built house are dotted about the fields! Ah, I see a flyover there. I suppose we’ll get into the city center soon.
A: Yes, we are approaching the hotel. I’ll send you to You Yi Hotel, we had a reservation there.

A: Let me put your cases into the boot, and please take your seat.
B: Thanks!
A: Do you feel better now, Mr. Karl?
B: That’s OK. I’ll be all right by tomorrow and ready for business. By the way, how’s business these days?
A: Not bad. But sales are down a little bit due to the financial crisis.
B: I can understand. Do you think it’s a general trend?
A: I am not sure, but I believe things will be improved in our endeavour.
B: So do I. It’s no use wrroying.