Meeting at the Airport

A: Excuse me. Are you Mr. Karl from Future Company?
B: Yes. Are you Mr. Su from May Trading Company?
A: Yes. How do you do, Mr. Karl? Welcome to Beijing.
B: How do you do, Mr. Su? Thank you for meeting me at the airport!
A: My pleasure. I’m delighted to meet you. Did you have a good trip?
B: On the whole, it’s not too bad.
A: It’s a long flight to China, and I think you must be very tired. Let me help you with your luggage.
B: Thank you very much.
A: You are welcome. Is your luggage all here with you?
B: Yes.
A: The car is in the exit. Please walk this way.

A: Excuse me, but are you Mr. Karl from Future Company?
B: Yes, I am.
A: I’m delighted to meet you, Mr. Karl. And allow me to introduce myself. I’m Li Zhe, the secretary of Mr. Su. Our manager meant to come here to meet you in person, but some other business held him back, so he asked me to come here in his place to pick you up.
B: How do you do, Mr. Li?
A: How do you do, Mr. Karl? How was your flight? Was it comfortable?
B: Oh, not very good, I feel a little tired, because it’s a very long trip.
A: I booked a room for you at the Dark Hotel, single, for a week. Let’s go and check in the hotel. Then you can release yourself there.
B: Thank you very much. Nothing would be more comfortable than having a hot bath first.
A: Just take a rest over here, Mr. Karl. Please give me your luggage check and I’ll get them for you.
B: Thank you, here you are.
A: Mr. Karl, Is that everything?
B: Yes, that’s all. I’m all set. We’d better start for the hotel.

The Invitation of Inspection

A: Good morning, is Mr. Karl in?
B: Yes, what can I do for you?
A: This is Su Xiu from May Trade Company. Our company keeps an account with you this year. Considering the demand of our project, we specially invite your professional consult to carry through an on-the-spot investigation. We would like to negotiate the matters relating to the cooperation.
B: Fine, thank you for your invitation. We are willing to have a further contact with you.
A: We’ll afford the expense and make the arrangements for accommodation. As for the date and the number of this visit, please inform us after you have make a decision.
B: It’s very nice of you. We’ll reply as soon as possible.

A: Good morning, Mrs. Frick. My name is Paul Robert from ABC. I am the Regional Manager for Europe.
B: Good morning, Mr. Robert.
A: Mrs. Frick, as you probably know, we are one of your suppliers of customized software products.
B: Yes. I believe we handle some of your products and your products are really nice.
A: Glad to hear that. I shall be in Shanghai on 18th September and would like to meet you to discuss the business in further detail.
B: Great. It’s important to have the opportunity to meet and exchange views with each other.
A: Good. I will post you my itinerary within the next few days.
B: OK, I hope you a nice journey.

Congratulation and compliment

A: I’ve heard the news that you’ve become the General Manager of the company. Congratulate on the promotion.
B: Thank you.
A: With the position second to chairman, I’m sure you’ll make greater contribution to your company. I sincerely wish you a big success in your new post.
B: Thank you. As a long-term main supplier, our company will render better service to your company. I personally continue to count on your help in the future.
A: Sure, I need your help, too. Best wishes in your new position.

A: Good morning, Mr. Robert. You look energetic today.
B: Really? Thank you. Maybe it owes to the successful holding of this activity.
A: That’s true. We can have a relaxation after along time hard working.
B: Jack, I must say that you did do an excellent planning. It seems that the futural campaigns will depend on you.
A: You are flattering me. It’s just a fresh idea flashing upon me. The main reason is that everyone worked together with one heart.
B: Anyway, I think you are a good colleague with creativity and vigor.
A: It’s very nice of you to say so.

Elevator Etiquette

A: Is the elevator going up?
B: The lift is not working, you can get that lift over there.
A: Oh, thank you.
B: Which floor are you going to?
A: Hmm, I’m not sure. I want to the Market Department.
B: It’s on the fifth floor. (Pressing the button)
A: Oh, thank you. Do you work here?
B: Yes, I’m in the Secretarial Depor tmont. Oh, the 5th floor is arriving.
A: Well, thank you for your help. Good bye.

A: Mr. Jefferson, the elevator is coming, after you.
B: Thank you.
A: The office of General Manager is on the 14th floor.
B: The environment around here is very good.
A: Yes, the whole building is light and airy.
(The lift stops and someone gets into the elevator.)
A: (Asking politely) Which floor do you want to?
C: Oh, please help me press the 9. Thank you.
A: You are welcome.
A: Mr. Jefferson, we are here. Please.

Telephone Etiquette

A: Good morning, Marketing Department of Future Company. May I help you?
B: Hello. This is Nick Dyer from May Trading Company. Could I speak to Mr. Karl, please?
A: Just a moment, please, I’ll see if he is available…… (to the manager) Mr. Karl, I have Nick Dyer on the line for you.
C: Can you find out what he wants?
A: Yes, Mr. Karl. (to Nick) Hello, sir. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. The manager is busy right now. May I ask what it’s about, please?
B: It’s about the contract No. 3.
A: Well, I’ll talk to Mr. Karl…… Sir, Mr. Dyer said he came here to talk about the contract No. 3.
C: OK, get him through.
A: Hello, Mr. Dyer, just hold the line please. I’ll connect you with Mr. Karl.

A: Hello, is Mr. Karl in? This is Nick speaking?
B: I’m sorry, this is Mr.Karl’s assistant. Mr. Karl is attending a meeting at the moment. Would you like to ring again a little later?
A: How long will it take?
B: I’m sorry, but I’m not sure.
A: Well, may I leave a message?
B: Sure, excuse me for just a second so I can find a piece of paper to write it down. Yes, go ahead, please.
A: I’m Nick Dyer from May Trading Company. I want to discuss with Mr. Karl to reschedule our meeting next Thursday.
B: Could you spell your name, please?
A: N-I-C-K, D-Y-E-R.
B: May I have your number?
A: Of course. My phone number is 62640990.
B: Excuse me, I didn’t catch you. Will you slow down and repeat your number, please?
A: That’s OK. It’s 62640990.
B: OK, I’ll give him the message as soon as he is available.
A: Thank you so much for your help. Bye-bye.
B: Bye-bye.

Introducing Others

A: Steven, I’d like you to meet Mr. Johnathan Mitchell, sales manager for Northern Reflections of Canada. Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Steven Sun, general manager of Apple Trading, we are Damon and Pythias.
B: It’s very nice to finally meet you, Mr. Mitchell, after so many phone calls and faxes. I’d like you to have my business card.
C: Thanks, Mr. Sun. Please accept mine. And please, call me Johnathan.
A: If you don’t mind, Johnathan, while you and Mr. Sun get acquainted, I’d like to check the arrangements for the meeting. Excuse me for a short while.

A: Good morning, Mr. Edwards. May I introduce you to Mr. Dickens, our manager? He has come to see you.
B: Oh, yes, sure.
A: Mr. Dickens, this is Mr. Edwards, sales manager of NEC. Mr. EdWards, Mr. Dickens is the manager of DOC.
B: How do you do, Mr. Dickens?
C: How do you do, Mr. Edwards? Welcome to Beijing. I hope you’ll have a pleasant stay here.
B: Thank you, Mr. Dickens. I’m very happy to have this chance to visit your company. It was very kind of you to invite me.
C: Not at all. It is my pleasure to invite you to visit our company. And by the way, Mr. Edwards, I’d like you to call me Dick, if you don’t mind.
B: Of course not.

Introducing Oneself

A: Excuse me, are you Mr. Karl in the Forth Import and Export Corporation?
B: Yes.
A: Mr. Karl, please allow me to make a brief introduction of myself. I am from Future Company, I am Zhou Jie, and this is my business card, how do you do?
B: How do you do? But, what can I do for you?
A: We are very interested in the products of your company and are considering importing some to our country.
B: Really? Please come to our meeting room. I guess we may discuss it first.

A: Have we met before?
B: Hmm, no, I don’t think we have.
A: Now let’s acquaint each other. How do you do? My name is Zheng Yu, the dean of Technology Department of Tian Sheng Corporation.
B: How do you do? My name is An Chen, I work in the Planning Department of Yi He Firm.
A: Ah, your department is highly praised in the circle. Your ideas are very novel.
B: Thank you for your compliment.
A: I hope we can cooperate in the future.

Small Talk

A: How do you like the weather here?
B: It’s a little weird. It’s sunny but quite cold.
A: Yes, it’s the feature of the weather in Beijing. What’s the weather like in your country now?
B: It’s lovely, warm and sunny.
A: That’s wonderful. You know the weather here is rather changeable. May be sunny in the morning, perhaps windy at noon. You can never tell.
B: Wow, it may cause some inconvenience. What the weather is going to be like tomorrow? Have you listened to the radio?
A: The radio said fine and a little cloudy.
B: Not bad. I hope it would stay this way until the end of my visit.

A: What is the most popular sport in China?
B: I think it’s table tennis. It’s nearly our national game.
A: Yes, I think so. Chinese always win in International Competitions, especially in 2008 Olympic Games. I like Zhang Yining and Ma Lin. They play wonderfully.
B: Yes, they rank the best players and very popular.
A: Are you good at playing table tennis, Miss Qin?
B: Not very good. I did play a lot in university, but it’s too busy to play since I work. Do you like it?
A: Yes, I’m interested in it very much. But a lot of practice and skill are needed, and it will take quite a long time to be an expert.
B: Why expert? I think we play it just for fun, that’s enough.
A: Maybe you’re right. How about having a try when we’re free?
B: Sounds great. It’s a long time since I played table tennis last time.

Body Language

A: Hi, Jack, what’s wrong? You look so depressed.
B: Don’t mention that. I companied with the manager to visit a client this morning, I feel I behaved terribly.
A: Why? You are so proficient in the business.
B: That’s not the point. Hmm, just as the manager said, I appeared restrained and unnatural.
A: Oh, I see. It seems that you should pay attention to the body language. Maybe some actions you behaved unintentionally made you an immature, inefficient, in competert impression.
B: Is it so serious?
A: Of course, you must kuow that body language is an important part in public relations. It helps us understood well and behave excellently some times.

A When you are talking with others, you are not just using words, but also using body language. It contains facial expression, gesture, eye contact and body touch, etc. In a word, every part of the body for every person can almost convey different information.
B: Wow, it sounds so complicated.
A: It’s not complicated as long as you seize the sincere and kind principle. We just need to give our attention to some details.
B: Could you give me more details?
A: Take the facial expression for example, if you listen to the others with a sincere and friendly smile during conversation, it will make people feel good and more liable to further communication. Some experts have come to a conclusion that keeping a good body language would make you appear more confident and firm in some public occasions, such as giving a speech.
B: Wonderful indeed.

Commercial Clothing

A: My company dress code is strict. We must wear white shirts, dark suits and ties.
B: But the wording atmosphere is relaxed and casual in our company.
A: What does business casual mean to your company?
B: In our company, we are not required to wear hose. Open toe shoes and sleeveless tops are OK. Makeup and jewelry are optional and hair can be up or down as long as it’s combed or brushed.
A: Really? You are so lucky. I think some of our rules seem ridiculous.
B: Even if our company didn’t have a dress code, I still think people should wear formal clothes to work.
A: Yes, The image you portray to others is so important in business. It’s your image and how others perceive you that make the difference between winning and losing a sale.

A: You seem alittle bothered. What’s the matter?
B: Our manager sent me to attend a formal banquet, but I have no idea what to wear for the party.
A: It seems that you are not familiar with the commercial clothing etiquette.
B: Yes, I didn’t pay attention to it before.
A: You have to know if there’s any particular requirements for dressing at the party first.
B: I’m not sure, my manager didn’t mention that. Do you have any suggestions?
A: Men were usually required to wear men’s formal attires or swallowtails on every formal occasion.
B: That’s easy.
A: No, I didn’t finish it. Shirt, tie and shoes should be chosen carefully to match the attire.
B: Ah, so complicated.
A: Of course, there is a lot for you to know.
B: My God, tell me more, please.

commercial 英音/kə’mɜːʃ(ə)l/ 商业的, 商务的
strict 英音/strɪkt/ 严格的, 精确的, 完全的